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Our Philanthropic Mission

The Alpha Phi Foundation supports women's heart health, leadership training, scholarships, and funding for sisters facing crises. On-campus each semester, we hold Philanthropy Week with the intent of educating fellow students on cardiac care. With help from other organizations on campus, we hold different events every day of the week to raise money for women's heart health and raise awareness. The Theta Sigma chapter also engages in service-based unities once a month where we give back to our community, along with a Red Dress Gala where we auction off donated items.

This year we raised
13,048.47 for Women's  Heart Health

The Red Dress Gala aligns with our commitment to philanthropy and partnership with the Alpha Phi Foundation, which focuses on promoting women's heart health and cardiac care. Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women, and the gala serves as a platform to educate the community about this issue. 
By organizing the Red Dress Gala, Alpha Phi aims to create awareness about women's heart health, encourage preventive measures, and raise funds to support research, education, and programs related to cardiac care. Our Red Dress Gala helps us come together, support a meaningful cause, and make a positive impact on women's health.

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